yabo亚博官网听力section4高频场景词汇:Salty skin

yabo亚博官网听力section4高频场景词汇:Salty skin

It’s both painful and insulting to rub salt in a wound. But a new study shows that salty skin can actually ward off infections at least in mice fed a high-sodium diet. That’s according to a study in the journal Cell Metabolism.?


We tend to think of dietary salt as a health threat. And it is. Too much sodium has been linked to high blood pressure and an increased risk for heart attack and stroke. But we also crave salty snacks and store the accumulated sodium in our bodies, particularly in the skin.?


A clue to explaining this paradox came when researchers noticed that mice that were attacked by a cage mate wound up with an unusually large amount of sodium at the site of the bite. They then found high sodium levels in people at the locations of bacterial skin infections.?


So the researchers fed mice a high-sodium diet. And found that the dietary salt boosted the activity of immune cells in the animals’ skin, which gave them a leg up when it came to healing their wounds.?


The findings could lead to treatments that would help us assault infections without having to resort to pretzels, potato chips or pickles.



painful and insulting : adj 痛苦而羞辱的

to rub salt in a wound :在伤口上撒盐

ward off:? 抵挡、避开

infection :n 感染

dietary :n 食谱? adj 饮食的

sodiumn 纳(食盐中纳的含量很高)

heart attack and stroke n 心脏病和中风

crave vt 渴求、渴望

accumulatedadj 增加的、累积的

cluen 线索? vt 提供线索

paradox: n 悖论、自相矛盾

wound upadj 紧张的、兴奋的

bitevi vt n 咬、叮、疼痛、受骗

bacterialadj 细菌的、细菌性的

immune cells n 免疫细胞

give sb a leg up:助人一臂之力

healing:v 治愈、康复 n 康复 adj 有康复帮助的

assault: vi 攻击 vt攻击 n 攻击、殴打、侵犯、威胁

resort to: 采取、诉诸于、借用

pretzels, potato chips or pickles:蝴蝶酥、炸土豆片和腌菜

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