yabo亚博官网口语考试 PartⅡ 是怎样的?

yabo亚博官网口语考试 PartⅡ 是怎样的?



当学生在应对话题讨论找不到方向时,能够运用 ”WH Questions”来正确引导构思的扩展,包含 “what, when, where, who(whom), why, how (how exactly, how often, how long, how much, how many)”.

比如,Describe a restaurant or cafe you like. 最先须确立what(the Bookworm),when(some five years ago), where (down the south of Chengdu),who(foreigners for most of time);次之是全部叙述的重中之重why(comfortable, pleasant, intimate ),how exactly (detailed description of being comfortable, pleasant, and intimate),how often(once a month…),how much(30-40 yuan on average per person),how many(3 in Whole China).


Sample answer:The Bookworm is my favorite cafe in this city, which is about 15 minutes drive from the Tianfu Square down the south, and unlike other fancy cafes in the downtown, it sits in a quiet surrounding. The Bookworm was born 5 years ago with the help of a journalist, who soon became the business partner and co-owner of Chengdu Bookworm. During these years, it’s been popular and welcomed by almost every foreigner in Chengdu. I guess it’s probably because the cafe is really the place that can make them feel at home, ranging from the food, coffee, inside decoration, and those books written and published from their country.

The Bookworm creates a warm and intimate atmosphere, offering its customers home style food and drink. When you get annoyed from a trouble in study or at work, having a rest at Bookworm will be the very pleasant thing to chill out. The greatest part is the live music every Friday night at which you can enjoy the best jazz and blues. There are three Bookworms in China, Beijing has the first, and Chengdu and Suzhou follow the step, therefore if you‘re taking a trip to Beijing or Suzhou, you can still have the opportunity to enjoy the nice little cafe. I like the cafe, for it’s the place where I can relax, eat, drink, read and enjoy music.


在Part 2话题讨论叙述中,假如仅有叙述,仍会让全部阐述稍显一些乏味,提议学生在叙述的另外再加相对的事例,那样能够大大增加叙述内容的多元性和生动性.可是, 在Part 2里事例,不一定要十分宣布的举例说明,如“For example”;口语化的某些表达形式会更大自然某些,如“such as,like”.例如,”Describe a special shop”,除开叙述这一shop里有某些special goods外,若再实际举例子有什么独特货品能够更能提高生动性.In the shop, you can always find some special and interesting stuff, such as hand-made floating lantern, photo books, tiny china pot, and Nepali jewelries and things like that.


Part 2话题讨论归属于关键点叙述题,在适度的那时候假如可以应用统计数据来深化支撑点叙述,能够提高话题讨论叙述的真实有效和感染力.可是,提议学生在应用统计数据的那时候不必太过生动大数字,并且频率不可过多,应用一回统计数据就就行了.另一个,与yabo亚博官网写作有其他是,在创作中引证统计数据时最好是有一个出自或来源于,但在回应英语口语Part 2难题时,这一出自能够省去,不然会造成回应内容是记诵的行为,减少真实有效,这就与人们的初心背道相驰了.

例如“Describe a concert hall”,人们能够根据统计数据的支撑点来那样叙述“The Civil Concert Hall holds about 50 to 60 shows on an average each year, receiving almost 30,000 audiences, and part of them come to this hall simply because of its comfortable seats and great sound and lighting effects. ”拥有统计数据的支撑点,能够使对于艺术中心的经营规模和标准有一个更形象化的掌握,而并不是简易地叙述“the concert hall is very popular and well-equipped.”


1-2分钟的叙述中,除开单方地开展叙述外,能够根据叙述类似事情开展较为的方法来使内容更为全方位细腻.可是,这一一部分终究是口语考试,因此采用的较为类的词句应是口语化的连接词,“unlike,similar,like,be different from”等.

比如“Describe a magazine”,人们那样来叙述:The magazine I’ve been reading recently is O2 (Oxygen Magazine), which mainly covers good books, movies, music, and life design as well as eco protection are the key topics throughout the whole magazine. Unlike the normal magazines, you cannot find any company’s advertisement on it. Another thing makes it different from the ordinary ones is that it uses recycled paper, and that’s what it’s aimed since it was born. 根据比照的方法,能够令评委加重对叙述的印像,也丰富多彩了枯燥乏味话题讨论的阐述内容.

几种对策能够协助学生扩展yabo亚博官网口语考试Part 2的回应,让叙述题已不越来越平淡无味,根据举例说明和统计数据支撑点法来提高内容的真实有效,关键点法和较为对比法来填补学生在题型上“没有话说”的难题,最后获得理想化的成绩!


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yabo亚博官网口语考试 PartⅡ 关键难题

构造乱 节奏感惊慌、卡屏多 英语语法乱 遣词造句简易像 8 岁小孩

yabo亚博官网口语考试 PartⅡ实质

找到关键探讨的难题 找到要进行的3个关键点 找到要深化拓宽的副主题风格

yabo亚博官网口语考试 PartⅡ的语言表达能力点

1. 流利地:连接词、连通性语句、添充词、冗词 2. 语汇:十分用词汇英语、口语英文 3. 英语的语法:不管讲哪些必须应用多种多样时态,适度插进复合句 4. 音标发音:提到重要信息内容时留意复读

yabo亚博官网口语考试 PartⅡ 三歩提前准备法

首先 find an easy target 关键点:Have lots of features;Be expandable 扫描仪基础的范畴 爱好:小动物;健身运动;歌曲;影片;电视栏目;拍摄;阅读文章;菜式 物件:电子邮件;服饰;广告词;珠宝首饰;创造发明;小玩具;工艺品 角色:老年人;小孩子;体育明星;教师;盆友;朋友;隔壁邻居;家庭主要成员;探险家;成功人士 地址:居所;大学;购物广场;历史时间名胜古迹;想来的国家;自然风光;理想化的房屋;江河 个人经历:平台网站和网络购物亲身经历;一回取得成功;人生道路中的一回关键的更改;报名参加过的婚宴 其次 review/build your vocabulary 关键难题:学的不容易用、用到的不精确 解决方案:学好学好将之前的语汇激话,将学得的语汇引流方法出去,逼着自身应用;提前准备对于题型的关键语汇. 接着 grammar points 关键点:记牢时态太乱用、熟练掌握时态


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The Leaning Tower of Pisa which is also known as Tower of Pisa is an interesting structure situated in the Pisa city of Italy. It is the third oldest structure in Pisa's Cathedral Square and very famous for its unintended tilt to one side.

The height and width of the tower is around 183 feet and the width is higher in the lower part than the top part. This tower has 296 steps and offers a great architectural value to the world. The tilt of this tower was not planned and occurred unintentionally. During the construction phase the tilt was created because of the inadequate foundation on ground on soft ground. Later this tilt increased until the structure was stabilized. Around 200 years were taken to build this greatest structure. There are some debates about the real architect of this world famous structure and it has been credited to Guglielmo and Bonanno Pisano as the architect of this structure. But recent studies imply this credit to Diotisalvi as the original architect.

This structure has many historic significance and was one of the seven medieval wonder of the world. The people of Pisa started building this structure to show the rest of the world about the importance of the Pisa city. The plan included a cathedral, a baptistery, a bell tower and a cemetery. The construction began at around 1173 and completed in the middle of 1300. This famous tower is not known only for the great beauty of its Romanesque architecture but also for its historical significance. The famous astronomer Galileo Galilei is said to have dropped a cannon ball and a musket ball bot hat a time from the Tower of Pisa to prove that weight does not affect the dropping speed of an object.

This structure was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 and had been very famous as one of the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World.

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