To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Advertising usually encourages consumers to buy a product or service in quantity rather than promoting its quality.

Give reasons for your answer and include any examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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Advertising is the life of trade as suppliers want to sell things in quantity; however, the success or failure of every advertisement eventually depends on the quality of a product or service. It may be said that a bad investment is going for quantity over quality, without being aware that customers are becoming more careful with their wallets, especially with the sluggish economy right now. While quality sounds hard to define, you know that it is quality rather than quantity that matters.

The greatest thing to be achieved in advertising is believability, and nothing is more believable than the product itself. So, the most powerful element in advertising is the truth, not half lying. For example, a huge advertising campaign will make a bad product fail faster because it will certainly get more people to know that it is bad. In comparison, good advertising can not only circulate information, but it can also penetrate the public mind with belief along with desires. This means that quality is self-evident and that every advertisement should be thought of as a complex symbol which is the brand image. That is probably why word of mouth is the best medium of all. In short, it is advisable for suppliers to always upgrade quality before any attempt to boost sales through advertising.

Although advertising is the most effective way to encourage mass consumption, particularly if the goods are cheap and worthless, the bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low pricing is forgotten. In a certain way, quality is like cooking, and you cannot fake good quality any more than you can fake a good meal. Therefore, quality in a product is not what the supplier puts in; rather, it is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for. That is to say, a product is not quality simply because it is difficult to make and costs a lot of money in advertising. It is better to think that customers only pay for what is of use to them and give them great value for right price. As can be expected, the advertising strategy to increase popular consumption is likely to result in incompetence since nothing else than the product itself constitutes quality.

In conclusion, just because quality is more important than quantity, it does not mean that advertising does not play a decisive role in influencing the public mind. The point is that consumers have now become more prudent in spending behaviors and hence are no longer as penny-wise and quality-foolish as before. In all events, suppliers should continue investing in advertising their quality products because, if they stop advertising to save money, it would be as stupid as stopping the clock to save time. (Essay created by Jeenn Lee Hsieh)

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Describe an advertisement you remember well


Describe an advertisement you remember well

You should say:

Where you saw it

What it was about

What it was like

And explain why you want to meet this person

我常常会在地铁口或公交车站周边见到iPhone的宣传海报广告词.广告词非常简易,在乳白色的海报背景上只是是 一张极大的用iPhone拍摄的相片.相片底部写着“用iPhone拍摄”,而右下角则署上相片摄影者的姓名.但 这类宣传策划方式更能突显iPhone的作用闪光点,并在短期内内为匆匆忙忙走动的过路人留有深有感触.我很期待可以 了解广告词中相片的摄影师,向他学习培训怎样运用手机上拍摄出醒目的摄影图片

I often come across poster advertisements of iPhones, a line of smart phones designed and marketed by Apple Inc, in subway stations or near bus stations. More often than not, I would stop and appreciate the simplistic and eye- catching(吸引住眼珠的) qualities of these advertisements.

Featuring huge iPhone-shot photos, the advertisements are mostly plain and simple(乏味质朴的). I have seen a wide variety of subjects featured in these photos used for advertisements, including sheepherders walking on icy hills and gigantic whales swimming in the depths of the ocean(在深海 的最深处). At the bottom of all these photos is a slogan that reads “shot by iPhone”. The name of the photographer is at the bottom right of the poster. As simplistic as the advertisement is, it powerfully highlights the strength of the iPhone’s camera, one of its most popular selling points(销 出售点), leaving passerby a strong impression. With real-life examples that showcase how amazing the iPhone is in taking pictures, the designer of the advertisement leads people straight to the charm of the device, effectively drawing their attention and stimulating their consumption desire.

These photos not only attract more iPhone-buyers, but shape the public awareness(营造群众认知能力) that the iPhone is a powerful photo-shooting device. Hopefully, I can meet some of the photographers that took these impressive photos with an iPhone. As a new learner of photography,

I want to learn from them the practical techniques of photography and put these techniques into practice(将方法付诸行动). I want to further polish my photography skills, so I would learn as hard as I can to put my work of photography on an iPhone advertisement soon in the future.

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